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It has been many Hong Kong people’s dream to migrate to Japan.  If you are over 30 years of age, you can neither study full time in Japan with a student visa nor are you able to find an employer to sponsor you to work in Japan, therefore applying for investment immigration may be a good option for you.
Investment immigration is via a “Business Manager’ visa.  To be able to obtain this 1 to 5 year visa, applicants are 20 years of age or older and will invest over 5 million yen (about HK$360,000) to “start up a company”, “acquire a Japanese company” or “be a manager to assist the business owner to operate the company”.  For you to stay in Japan, you must obtain the Japanese “status of residence” (equivalent to a Hong Kong visa)
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Things to know before you apply for investment migration:

Requirements of applying for a Business Manager visa:
1. Applicant must set up a company in Japan with a registered capital not less than 5 million yen. There is no limitation on business scope.
2. To have a fixed office space in Japan.
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The visa allows to take family members:

  1. Spouse
  2. Children

When the principal applicant first applies for the 1 year “Business Manager” visa, the spouse and children can apply for a Dependent (Family) Stay Visa
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Requirements of Visa renewal:

  1. No illicit records in Japan.
  2. Company is having normal business activities, the company and the applicant pay taxes to the government, and the operator can cope with daily living expenses.
  3. Renewal of the Business Manager visa for 1 year, 3 years or 5 years according to the operational status of the business.
  4. No specific residential requirements.

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Requirements of applying for permanent residency:

  1. No illicit records in Japan.
  2. Stable income with assets or skills
  3. Has stayed in Japan for 10 years continuously (has status of residence for more than 5 years)
  4. Applicant with a highly-skilled professional visa can apply for permanent residency after living in Japan for one year.

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Requirements for applying to be a Japanese citizen:

  1. Has lived in Japan for 5 years continuously.
  2. 20 years of age or more.
  3. No illicit records in Japan.
  4. Has financial stability, able to maintain a livelihood.
  5. Dual citizenship is not recognized in Japan, you must renounce your previous nationality.
  6. Abide by the Japanese Constitution.

Please note that the entire process for the application for a Business Manager visa requires approximately 6 to 8 months. Details of the required documents are for your reference below:

  1. Application form (available from the Japanese Government website)
  2. Passport photo (3x4cm)
  3. Passport and Japanese resident card
  4. Certificate of incorporation (Business Registration, business cards, certificate of real estate, rental contract, proof of business size and photos)
  5. Proof of employment and salary payment
  6. Resume
  7. Business Plan
  8. Remittance and proof of funding source (monthly statements and other proof)

Documents required to apply for a Dependent Visa:

  1. Application form (available from the Japanese Government website)
  2. Passport photo (3x4cm)
  3. Documents proving the relationship between the applicant and the dependent (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.)
  4. Passport of the dependent and Japanese residence card
  5. Dependent’s proof of work and income

No job is easy at the beginning, and we understand you may face some difficulties when you start your business and settle in a new country with a language barrier and cultural differences.  Wingate Immigration understands your worries, therefore we have set up a company and office in Tokyo, Japan with our English and Mandarin speaking Japanese colleagues there to assist you to solve problems which may arise

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Migration to Japan

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