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About Wingate Immigration

Wingate Immigration Consulting Limited is professional immigration agent, which provides assistance to clients who needs to get a visa in HK, work visa, dependent visa etc.

We are experienced in handling the applications, therefore, we can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the current situation before submission, and advise how to get well prepared for successful approval.

Wingate, the better way for application

Applying the visa application with Wingate’s assistance, it is not only the free consultation, the analysis of the case, but also the preparation of the documents before submission.
With years of experience, we assess the case from the Immigration’s point of view. We tailor-made the check list for the case, and present the case by documents, which is very convincing to applicant and also Immigration. Furthermore, with the well prepared documents before submission, it saves time for Immigration to raise questions. We try our best to shorten the time that the Immigration prepare questions, and hence shorten the time of case assessment. It helps to speed up the application.
With a better preparation in the initial stage, it makes the application be more efficient and effective. A positive image of the application is important to Immigration when assess the case.
We believed our team can help you to understand better the case before submission. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any consultation.

Our service includes:

  • Free consultation of the application
  • Free analysis of the successful rate of the application
  • Tailor-made the check list for each application
  • Check the documents provided by applicant
  • Advise the preparation of documents required
  • Advise the amendment of documents prepared
  • Advise the additional documents for the application (if any)
  • Organize the documents for submission
  • Keep updated between applicant and Immigration Department
  • Liaise with the Immigration Department
  • Handling the Query Letter received
  • Follow up the collection of visa label
  • Advise the arrangement of the renewal arrangement

In general, the followings are the procedures for the visa application after submission:

  1. Receipt of the Acknowledgement LetterThe sample of Acknoledgement Letter for HK visa application
    Acknoledgement Letter
    –After submission of the application, normally within 4-6 weeks, there is an acknowledgement letter showing the case reference number sent by Immigration Department.
  2. Receipt of the Query LetterThe sample of Query Letter from Immigration Department
    Query Letter
    - The Immigration will normally raise some questions that applicants need to reply on or before a deadline.
  3. Receipt of the resultThe sample of result receipt from Immigration Department
    Approval Letter
    – After submission of reply, and if the Immigration believed that, the information provided is enough for assessment, they will issue the letter with the result.
  4. Collection of Visa LabelThe sample of Visa Label approved
    Visa Label
    and HKID – If the case is approved, applicant needs to collect the visa label, and make appointment to get the HKID.
  5. Renewal of the visa – Normally, there is 2 year granted for the 1st time application. Applicant needs to submit the renewal application at least 4 weeks before the expiry date.
  6. Application of Permanent Identity Card – Only when living in HK for 7 years continuously, applicant can then submit the application for the permanent citizenship.

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