Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme and Employment Support Scheme (ESS) have accepted applications. Details are as follows:


Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme

Employment Support Scheme (ESS)

Application Period:

Application is open from 9 am on 18 May 2020 to 6 pm 31 October 2020.

 First tranche of subsidies application is open from 9am on 25 May 2020 to 11:59pm 14 June 2020.

Funding Amount:

  • For each IT solution and the relevant training expenses for the employees, the funding ceiling is HK$100,000 (with funding for the relevant training expenses capped at 10 per cent of the IT solution cost). Each enterprise may receive total funding of up to HK$300,000 to undertake a project to be completed within six months.
  • An enterprise will be disbursed a payment of 30% of the funding amount after the application has been approved. Upon completion of the project and after the supporting documents are accepted, the remaining funding amount will be disbursed to the enterprise.
  • IT solution(s) must only be implemented after approval is granted.
  • The amount of wage subsidies will be calculated based on 50% of the actual wages paid to each “regular employee” aged 18-64 in the “specified month”, with a wage cap at $18,000 per month. The maximum wage subsidy per employee is $9,000 per month.




If you have questions about the above scheme, please contact us at +852 2830 9999 or email: info@wingate.com.hk. Thank you!


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