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Incorporating a Japanese KK Limited Company Formation (Kabushiki Kaisha)
Why do overseas companies/people set up a company in Japan?

  • - Selling your overseas products through online platforms such as Japanese Rakuten and Amazon
  • - Registering trademark(s) to allow their product to be a Japanese brand
  • - Producing product(s) with OEM, ODM
  • - Establishing a Japanese restaurant brand and then expand this Japanese branded  restaurant overseas
  • - Being a wholesaler and merchandiser  in Japan ( as many Japanese companies do not sell directly to overseas companies)
  • - Applying a Business Manager visa to migrate to Japan


There are four kinds of companies in Japan: Limited Company (Kabushiki  Kaisha /KK),  Limited Liability Company (Godo Kaisha /LLC), General Partnership (Gomei-Gaisha), and Limited Partnership (Goshi-Gaisha).  If there is no special circumstance, we would recommend our clients to open a Limited Company (KK).  The advantages are as follow:

  1. KK companies are more well-known and are the most popular type of corporation in Japan. They have higher credibility and trust by financial institutions and Japanese customers. Most locals prefer to work for KK companies.
  2. There are various income deductions permitted such as expenditures, financial loss etc. compared to individual proprietorship.
  3. You can enroll in government-managed health insurance and welfare pensions.
  4. The effective statutory tax rate can be reduced.
  5. Relatively easier to apply for a Business Manager visa.
  6. As a general rule, the remuneration of company directors can be considered as expenses.
  7. The company’s representative can be changed, and the company shares can be split and transferred according to circumstances.

Steps for Incorporating a Company:

  • - Investigation if similar trade name(s) exist
  • - Preparation and authentication of the Articles of Incorporation
  • - Payment of capital stock (investment)
  • - required to attach proof document(s) that a payment was deposited for investment
  • - Company registration (Legal Affairs Bureau)
  • - Procedures after incorporating a company

Company Structure:    1 or more shareholder(s) and 1 or more director(s) (a shareholder and a director can be the same person, and can be any nationality)
Documents Required: photocopies of passports and ID cards of shareholders and directors and photocopies of bank passbooks (after capital deposited)


For Incorporating a Japanese KK Limited Company (Kabushiki Kaisha), please download:

Form Name


Initial Consultation Form

Download PDF format

Please scan the completed form and email to Alternatively, you may come to our Wanchai Office in person.




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