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Ways of Immigration to Japan

Immigrating to Japan can be a dream of many Hong Kong people, but how can we achieve this?  If you want to live in Japan long term, rather than go for a short holiday, you need to obtain a Residence Status (visa).  There are currently 29 types of Residence Status people can apply for staying in Japan.  Here are some common examples and copies of the Certificate of Eligibility that we have helped our clients of obtain.


Residence Status (Visa)

The Person Who Can Apply

Business manager

Person who runs or manages a company, for a person who is granted a 1-year Status of Residency for the first time

Dependent (Spouse or Family)

The family of a foreigner who lives in Japan, i.e. a dependent visa

Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services

A person employed by a Japanese company

Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals *

A person who is qualified to work or do business in Japan will be able to apply for Permanent Residency as quick as 1 year of continuously living in Japan, for a person who is granted a 5-year Status of Residency for the first time

Designated Activities

short-term visa holders, Those who registered a Japanese corporation after entering Japan, etc.


*The commonly known “Highly Skilled Professional Visa” can be applied for by scoring 70 points or more in the Highly Skilled Foreign Professional Point Calculation Table.  If you do not currently meet the required 70 points requirement, we will give suggestions for your preparation prior to submission.


Therefore, you will have to apply for one of the 29 types of Residence Status in order to stay in Japan long term.  If so, which Residence Status suits you and your family the most? Please talk to us today for more details.

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