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Professional Recruitment (Headhunt) Service

1. Executive Search
- In 2019, we already have more than 10,000 candidates in our database, our consultant team have fully understand the latest situation in the job market of different industries. With our company's guideline, we are able to look for suitable and ideal candidates for clients.

2. Permanent Recruitment
- For permanent recruitment, we offer customers with services like personnel screening and consulting. Our consultants will provide customers with complete solutions based on individual customer requirements an actual situations. Selecting the right candidates from our database, customers could avoid the complicated process of seeking and screening potential candidates. Our consultant team are experienced in professional administration and recruitment, not only could spend the less time and effort to seek for the right candidates for customers, but also could predict the problem that might meet in the future and offer suitable solutions.

3. Guarantee Success
- Our services include candidate search, screening, and interview arrangement, we do not charge until our clients match the right candidates.

Wingate Business and our partners can provide professional staff recruitment services for Banks, Listed Company, License Company, Financial Institutions and Commercial Customers.

Provide market intelligence and recruitment advice
Wingate Business and our partners can be a forward-looking industry, mainly because we regularly update pay trends, industry trends, forecasts and research on corporate and job seeker trends and develop strategies to attract job seekers. With our experienced recruitment consultants, we are happy to arrange tailor-made solutions for you or your business.

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