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Hong Kong Trademark Registration Overseas Trademark Registration

Other Countries' Trademark Registration

Registered Country Initial Trademark Search and service fee Registered Fee
Fee of Notary Public Time for Registration
Vietnam vi HKD2,500 HKD10,000 HKD2,500 20-month
Nepal np HKD2,500 HKD10,000 HKD2,500 12-month
Saudi Arabia sau HKD3,500 HKD50,000 HKD12,000 12-month
Egypt egy HKD3,000 HKD12,000 12-month
Brazil brazil HKD3,000 HKD18,000 60-month
Malaysia mala HKD3,000 HKD14,000 36-month

Required information / documents:
1. Logo in word or pdf file in high-resolution (please confirm the color as well).
2. Description of services and products
3. Information of applicant
- For individual : HKID/ Passport & address proof
- For entity : Certificate of Incorporation, Updated Business License, Register of Directors & Register of Members


*Above information for reference only, all price would be subject to change without any notice.

For other countries’ trademark, please kindly contact us at +852 2830 9999 or for further detail.

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