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Hong Kong Trademark Registration


When a product/brand promoted successfully, there are fake products produced by other to diminish your company’s profit and goodwill. Registering your trademark means that you have the exclusive right to use the trademark in relation to goods and services for which the mark is registered. If other traders use it in Hong Kong, China in relation to the same or similar goods or services without your consent, they may be liable for infringement of your mark and you may take legal action to compensate. If you do not register your mark, it is not easy to prove that you are the ‘owner’ of the mark and as such your protection is limited. Therefore, many companies will register the trademark at HKIPD before promoting a good.

Fees and Procedures:
1. Searching stage: HK$2,000 for initial search;
(HK$1,000 per extra class in the same application.)
2. Application stage: HK$4,500
(HK$3,000 per extra class in the same application.)
3.Services: Fee for the initial search by Trademark Registry
Apply Trademark Registration
Take charge on behalf of the objection matters if HKIPD reject the application #
Get the registered certificate

4. Process and Time:
- Trademark search 7-30 days (The trademark can be registered if there is the unique wording trademark in the same field)
- Apply Trademark 6-8 months (Wait for the approval by government, ready for the Gazette if HKIPD does not object the trademark)
- Publish the Gazette 3 months (Public consultation, register if there is no objection)
- Registry Get the certificate after one month

Required information / documents:
1. Logo in word or pdf file in high-resolution (please confirm the color as well).
2. Description of services and products
3. Information of applicant
- For individual : HKID/ Passport & address proof
- For entity : Certificate of Incorporation, Updated Business License, Register of Directors & Register of Members


*Please contact us for local patent, overseas patent and trademark detail.
#Additional fees to be confirmed to take charge on behalf of the objection matter.

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