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Financial Services License Application

SFC is as the gatekeeper of standards for individuals and corporations seeking to enter the
securities and futures markets of Hong Kong.

Wingate Business & our partners' work:
To save the effort and time of our clients, we will provide them with one-stop services for
company registration and license application (mainly for type 1/4/9).

In this regard, our services include:

1. Assessing the qualification of candidates for responsible officers and participating in the selection and interview of the candidates upon request
2. Revising company structure and business plan
3. Assisting in the preparation of documents for license application including application forms, business plan, compliance manual and other essential documents
4. Providing solutions and recommendations to the areas of business plan and operational policies with room for further refinement
5. Submitting documents for license application and liaising with regulators for any followup matters
6. Drafting questions and enquiries that may possibly be raised by regulators during the process of license application
7. Deliberating with regulators on the conditions of a license
8 .Monitoring the whole process of license application and ensuring

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