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About Wingate Immigration Consulting Ltd.

Founded in 2009, our Hong Kong Wingate Immigration Consulting Ltd, Wingate Japan Co., Ltd (official Japanese name日本ウィンゲート株式会社) and together with a number of local Japanese professional partner teams, are providing services for each individual and family who want to immigrate to Japan. The goal of our Immigration to Japan service is to endeavour to give you relevant Japan immigration and business support to realize your immigration dream, not only to move, but also to take root there and develop a successful career, living a happy life.


The general "Investment Immigration" or Business Start-Up Immigration to Japan, that is, "Business Manager" visas or an advanced visa of “Highly Skilled Professional”, are closely related to managing a business. In regard to managing businesses, our connected company, Wingate Business, has more than 20 years in providing business service to thousands of companies. We have assisted numerous Japanese clients in developing their businesses in Hong Kong as well as clients migrating to Japan for their business. This is the expertise of us and our business partners, which we hope this experience can assist you get started easily and develop your business in Japan.

Since Wingate’s establishment, it has always had a good reputation, a one-stop professional service, and won clients through word of mouth. Clients will recommend our company to relatives and friends, which can provide you with absolute confidence!


1) How can we assist you?

i) We will first understand the situation - past experience and future plans of our client who wants to migrate to Japan.

ii) After understanding the situation of the client, we will review the client's information provided to find out if there is any way to shorten the length of time to become a permanent resident. We will prepare all application forms in order to complete the application process quickly.

iii) If the client already has a specific business plan, we can assist in investigating the feasibility of that type of business in Japan. However, if the client does not a have specific business plan, we can also make a proposal based on the client's situation or assist with business matching to find business opportunities or introduce suitable franchise stores in Japan etc.


2) Our expertise and achievements for all clients so far:

i) Japanese Companies Incorporation: 100% Successful

ii) Japanese Company Bank Accounts Opening: 100% Successful

iii) Japanese Visas: "Business Management" visa, "Highly Skilled Professional" visa, etc.: All Visa Applications and Renewals Have Been 100% Successful.


3) How we help clients feel more peace of mind:

i) "Highly Skilled Professional" visa: We assist clients who have not met the requirements to upgrade their status, and afterwards they can apply for permanent residency (right of abode) in as little as one year.

ii) Follow-up Support Services: Our Clients’ WhatsApp Enquiry group will provide ongoing support.

iii) BUD Fund Successful Sharing and Suggestions: If clients have a Hong Kong company, we can assist them in applying for up to HKD 1 million in funding (non-repayable funding).


Why are the services provided by Wingate Immigration Consulting superior?

i)  Most Japanese or Hong Kong migration companies only provide: (1) Establishing a company (2) applying for a visa.  But Wingate has additional support as below.

ii)  Wingate Immigration’s Services Include: (1) Incorporate a Company; (2) Applying for a Visa; (3) Opening a Company Bank Account; (4) Providing Business Startup Consultancy; (5) Clients’ WhatsApp Enquiry Continue Follow-up Support Group, etc.

iii) Wingate Immigration has offices and around 20 colleagues in Hong Kong and Japan, as such we can provide better professional services. We will also provide advice on starting and operating a business and support in starting a new life in Japan.  In addition, we have a number of other discounted fee-based services, so if you are in need of assistance, we will be there for you!

iv) Wingate Immigration does not only assist our customers set up companies and apply for visas, but also provide a lot of services and support for them afterwards. Please note, migrating to Japan is not just to apply for a visa, as generally, it is not hard to get an approval.  Instead, the most important part is to obtain adequate support for starting a business and living in Japan (due to a different language and culture, please be aware just knowing Japanese doesn’t mean knowing the customs and Japanese ways of doing things).  It is so important that you can have both of these two aspects. We understand that starting a business and living in Japan will have different challenges, so we have several local Japanese colleagues (who can speak Mandarin, English and Japanese) and Hong Kong colleagues who can help you in Japan.  As such, our clients can feel more at ease in Japan.


4) Wingate Immigration arranges Support Services A, B, C and D as follows for our clients migrating to Japan with peace of mind:

A) Independent WhatsApp group: client & 5 Hong Kong and Japan colleagues from Wingate Immigration, to answer customer's enquiries after they have migrated to Japan. Although they may not know everything, they will try to look into it for you;

B) "Startup Management Plan 1":  Our main company, Wingate Business has been operating the "Co-working Office + Business Centre" business for more than 20 years.  We’ve been helping our clients with no business experience to be able to personally manage their "Start-Up Management Plan 1" Business + Their Own Skills or Work Experience (for example, catering, craftsmanship, online trading, consulting services, remote solutions, etc.). This enables their business to be integrated into an independent characteristic brand, in line with the "Business Manager" visa regulations.

C) Franchise Store Partnership: After understanding the client's situation, if the client needs to start a business in Japan through a franchise, through our network we can introduce various types of franchisors to our client with no extra charge.

D) Our translation service related to the Japan migrating visas are free. For services other than the Japan visas, some support services will be charged. For example, if our customer buys a property in Japan and need our service in translating, then there will be a charge for it. Of course, we will explain to our customers what fees need to be charged and will give a quote in advance, and there will be no hidden charges.




Immigration is a major event in life, you are entering into a new life, a new country, and starting a new business on the top of it.  So, it is essential to find a professional immigration company that can help you. Welcome to inquire for more information with us:



Hong Kong Office

Address: Room 3208, 32/F, Central Plaza, 18 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong (MTR Exit A5)
Tel.: +852 2830 9928
Fax: +852 2830 9997
WhatsApp:+852 9792 2798

Office Hours: Monday - Friday : 9.00am – 6.00pm

Japan Office

Address: Room101, Emerald-Heights 101, 1-13-21, Motomachi, Kiyose-shi,Tokyo, Japan 〒204-0021 (Koganei-Kaido Ave)
Tel: +81 050-3133-1463


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