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About Wingate Immigration Consultancy

Wingate Immigration Consulting Ltd. was established on 28th September, 2009. Our business focuses on immigration to Japan, and helping every family who wants to immigrate to Japan!

Migrating to Japan? Why Wingate is your first choice.

Our Hong Kong Wingate Immigration Consulting Ltd, Wingate Japan Co., Ltd (official Japanese name is 日本ウィンゲート株式会社) and together with a number of local Japanese professional partner teams, are providing services for each individual and family who want to immigrate to Japan. The goal of our Immigration to Japan service is to endeavour to give you relevant Japan immigration and business support to realize your immigration dream, not only to move, but also to take root there and be able to make a living from your business.

The so-called "investment immigration" to Japan or business immigration to Japan, that is, "Business Manager" visas, are closely related to managing a business. In regard to managing businesses, our connected company,Wingate Business, has more than 20 years in providing business service. This is the expertise of us and our business partners. We hope this experience can assist you get started easily and develop your business in Japan.


How can we help you?

- We will first understand the situation - past experience, current situation and future planning of our client who wants to migrate to Japan.

- After understanding the situation of the client, we will review the client's information provided to find out if there is any way to shorten the length of time to become a permanent resident. We will prepare all application forms in order to complete the application process quickly.

- If the client already has a specific business plan, we can assist in investigating the feasibility of that type of business in Japan. However, if the client does not a have specific business plan, we can also make a proposal based on the client's situation or assist with business matching to find business opportunities in Japan (e.g. hotels, bed & breakfast, commercial offices, and trading companies, etc).

- After assisting the client to migrate to Japan, the client can still contact us for advice and support when facing difficulties in settling into Japanese life and business.


Please download the form below, then scan and email the completed form to our company email: or visit our Central Plaza, Wanchai office in person for enquiries.

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Basic Information on a Business Manager Visa
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